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We are always looking for new models, most the men you see on this site are just lads who play a lot of sport and very few of them have previously modeled and most of them are straight. Generally if you have a good physique typical of the sport you play and are relaxed about showing it off you will probably enjoy working with us. I would typically look to meet you as a first step, just for a casual chat. If we went on for a shoot this is typically some photographs themed to your main sport and some out of your kit, arty nude shots. All nude shots are only ever in this websites members area where people have paid a fee to view the photographs. I keep my photography natural; so we don't use make up, styling, photo manipulation, just real people who have a nice athletic body lit well to exaggerate their definition. We pay good rates for what is about a 2 hour shoot and I am based in Islington, London very close to two tube stations.

I have been doing this commercially since 2002 so I am used to helping make it easy and fun for our models, most of whom have never been in front of a camera before.
If you want to model for us send me your details below; we are based in Islington, London, England.

Thank you
Nick Baker
If you are not able to upload photos, please contact us
Photo guide; a head and shoulder shot and one or two that show your body, taken in the last 7 days. Your own snaps, even if taken into a mirror are best, ideally stand straight on to the camera, like examples shown.
Large uploads could take several minutes, please be patient.
Each file cannot be larger than 5 Megabytes, all three files must not total more than 8 Megabytes.