Ripped & Stripped

About Us

We don't get much summertime in England, so as soon as we got a bit of sunshine in June, we, like most Brits, grabbed the opportunity and headed down to the beach before it was too late! We took eight sporty young men with us to take some fun photographs for the calendar. These young men play a lot of sports and are just amateur models so you get to see very natural and not scripted video footage on the behind the scenes “making of” video and of course when there are so many sporty young men together there is no shortage of testosterone!

Warm spell doesn't quite do the weather justice. It was boiling! So the lads really enjoyed splashing around in the refreshing sea, even if it was a bit cold at first. Some of them really got a fright when a wave splashed them in the wrong places, and things were certainly prone to shrinking in the water...!

We picked a secluded part of the beach (well, secluded-ish - every so often there was a mad rush for cover!) and got down to taking some pictures.

There were some mishaps, you could say. Cameron really struggled with his hand stand (bless him) and had to be taught by the other guys. Jack managed to fall over when jumping to catch a ball in the dunes. Alex splashes like a girl and Jack's obviously been accused of putting on a few pounds because the guys dropped him when posing for a photo! Oh, and Amber, our dog kept running into shots.

But there were some moments of pure imagination from our lads that would keep the best artists on their toes. Seaweed to keep the boys' modesty was inspired (thanks Cameron!) and we're sure nobody has used a frisbee, sorry, a novelty flying disc - as a steering wheel before.

We all had a great time making this calendar, and hopefully you'll enjoy it every month of the year! And to top it all off, we've got a bonus video of behind the scenes which comes with your purchase. It's a great watch and bound to make you laugh.

I hope you enjoy the calendar and if you want to see all the fun we had making it buy the film and rest assured we will give 20% of the money you give us straight to the three charities we are supporting this year.

I want to say a Big Thank You to BarclayCard and highly recommend them for anyone wanting to do online payment processing.

Since we have only just gone live at the beginning of September our plan is to see how many of you pre-order the calendar and film during the next 4-5 weeks and we are hoping we get enough of an indication how many calendars to print. This is a new business and I hope you will all support us so we make a little bit of money to fund doing it better next year and also if we have to print lots of calendars we will raise a lot of money for the charities as part of this business model.

Best wishes

Nick Baker
4th September 2014