Ripped & Stripped

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This is a streaming version of an entertaining 60 minute 'Making of' video.
What you get to see in the 2 minute trailer video is a glimpse of the day on the beach and these two minutes are "friendly for all" to watch. In the full length 60 minute film, you will of course get to see what we can’t show you in the trailer and there is full frontal nudity and hence the film is classified by the BBFC as certificate 18. The Calendar doesn't show frontal nudity and the bonus photographs were of course taken as we filmed so contain full nudity.
We had such a great time making this calendar, and we know you're going to have a great time watching this 'Making of' video which is 60 minutes of fun and laughter. You'll get to see the photos being taken, the lads mucking about rather than posing for the pictures (which got very annoying, despite how funny it is now!) and Aaron and Jack take you through the whole video, laughing at the other lads and, of course, mucking about some more.

It was a great day down at the beach. It was boiling! So the lads really enjoyed splashing around in the refreshing sea, even if it was a bit cold at first. Some of them really got a fright when a wave splashed them in the wrong places, and things were certainly prone to shrinking in the water...

You'll see all the mishaps when taking these photos. Cameron and Harry splash like girls, Alex is incapable of passing a simple ball, and Jack's obviously put on a few pounds because - there's no kinder way of saying it - the guys dropped him when posing for a photo. Oh, and Amber, our dog kept running into shots. But we certainly had fun, and you'll see all the best bits in this hour-long video.

We had so much fun, we just had to go back with two other guys, Travis and Russ. They had a great time splashing about in the water and posing in the dunes. You can check them out in a little interlude half way through the video!

Buy this 60 minute streaming video now. . The film has been classified by the BBFC as an 18 certificate.