Ripped & Stripped

2017 - Photos

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2017 - Photos
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This includes the full photo set of over 1000 extra large size photos

Eight of our hottest lads got down and dirty in Dorset for the weekend of a lifetime while making our super sexy 2017 calendar - with only one rule: they had to spend the entire duration of the trip naked. Contains full frontal nudity. The hunks leave nothing to the imagination during their stay in the grand house - as they enjoyed a series of entertaining activities that will leave jaws on the ground. Firstly, they all limbered up for a group stretching session, meaning we got to see them in some extremely compromising positions, before applying suncream to each other in preparation for a day in the sun, where they played sports such as trampolining, swimming and tennis, allowing them to really show off their ball skills.

Other activities included body painting - where they all got up, close and personal with each other's sticky body parts – and even giant Jenga – as well as a trip to a nearby beach, where they can all be seen playing with each other in the sea in scenes that are shore to put a smile on your face.

See our gorgeous models from every angle - with nothing censored - The 2017 photo bundle, Naked Dorset Weekend, can be pre-ordered now and will be available soon.

'The Making of the 2017 Calendar' Teaser Trailer